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Date : 30.06.2021

Titre d'emploi :Developer .NET | C# | MVC
Mots clés :C#, .NET, MVC, API, HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery, ASP,

Catégorie d'emploi :
  • Programmation
    • C#

Lieu :Montréal, Québec, Canada
Expérience de travail :oui
Expérience de travail :7+ à 10 ans
Statut :permanent
Exigence salariale :(de l'heure) 
Longue description
Senior .NET | C# | MVC Developer (Permanent full time) REMOTE SCHEDULE

Important to note: Post Covid work Schedule...

Location: Montreal .. Between the Victoria and Champlain bridge.  
Free parking or 10 min shuttle from 1000 Rue De La Gauchetière
Remote work

Client is fine with people working remotely, but once COVID ends, they need to meet ON-SITE weekly or bi-weekly… It's ok if they live outside of Montreal, as long as they are willing to come to Montreal 1 day weekly or bi-weekly.
We need multi talented people. We are a SMSB company and we expect all of our programmer to solve their problems within the team, we expect them to be able to think a problem through and do some of the analysis, do their own test, create their own database schemas and stored procedures.

Our client is planning a migration to the newest technologies. 

Our client is a national Canadian leader in their sector. Their audience is consumers, businesses, and organizations across Canada. They are looking to hire a dedicated DEVELOPER who loves to program in a diverse environment. Their Development Team manages and builds the company’s websites, APIs, applications, and mobile websites/apps. Using the latest technologies, including; .NET Framework 4.5, MVC 5.1, Web API 2.0 and Team Foundation. Their platforms are custom-built, proprietary systems. They value doing things properly, and since you will be part of a small, agile team of developers, you will be expected to contribute significantly to all aspects of our technology stack.
They emphasize teamwork, and each team member has the opportunity to contribute to work methods and implementation.
Key Responsibilities
Designing, coding, testing, debugging, maintaining and documenting a diverse set of applications

· Low level technical analysis
· Assisting in the constant effort to transition to cutting edge technology services and platforms
· Some DevOps and build/deployment duties, including management of our quality assurance and environments

You will have the opportunity to be involved with and gain additional experience in client server applications, web applications, Cloud applications, mobile applications.
Truly an opportunity to learn and grow.
Although we don't expect you to have all the skills below, you will have the opportunity to embark on a learning curve.
· Solid experience in C#/.NET/ MVC
· knowledge and experience with SQL and MS SQL Server
· Experience with some of: ASP.NET MVC, .NET API 2.0, HTML/CSS, JS & jQuery
· Experience with web services and API design principles
· Experience with unit testing and QA best practices
· Experience with deployment/publishing of production-ready applications
· Good knowledge of Software development methodology and software lifecycle processes
The following is a snapshot of their plans for 2021
They are moving all the development work to Azure Dev Ops work items.
Source code is all in Git in Azure Dev Ops and all of their sites and project have their own build and release pipeline to theirDev Testing, Qual Testing and Direct to Prod.       
In the next year they want to accomplish the following changes:
Upgrading all of their projects from their current version to Framework 5 (which releases officially November 2021) with the end goal of releasing all of their sites into Azure
              *            Moving their database to an Azure SQL Database
              *            The goal of the two above points is to no longer have any production hardware.
              *            Breaking out their task system (20+ tasks) into Azure Functions/Web Methods/Micro Services all in the cloud
              *            Rewriting their Fulfillment application from a XAML WPF Application into a Blazor Site.
 And a list of their potential involvements:
*            you will have the opportunity to work with their new cloud Architecture if you are so interested and have the ability
*            You will help us upscale their projects to Framework 5
*            You will be able to learn and start using Blazor
*            You will be able to learn and grow with Microsoft Azure tools.