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Date : 29.04.2016

Titre d'emploi :Programmer Analyst C#.NET
Mots clés :.NET, C#, TFS, MVC, Agile

Catégorie d'emploi :
♦ Programmation [ C#, ASP, ASP.Net ]

Adresse :625 President-Kennedy Avenue, Suite 1005
Lieu :Montréal, Québec, Canada
Expérience de travail :oui
Expérience de travail :2+ à 5 ans
Statut :permanent
Exigence salariale :(de l'heure) 
Longue description
Our client manages and builds websites, API’s, applications and mobile apps. To accomplish this, they use some of the latest technologies, including .NET Framework. Almost all of their platforms are custom-built, proprietary systems. They value doing things the right way, and since you will be part of a small and agile team of developers, they expect you to have a significant impact on the technological front. They care about doing great development and using the latest technology. Right now is a very interesting time of growth and opportunity for both the company and the industry.

They manage all of our internal applications which are:

- Marketing Web Site – The entry point to introduce the program
- Supporter Web Site – The place where the supporters place their orders and manage their account
- Group Web Site – The place where our client manage their operations
- Dashboard Web Site – The new management application where tasks related to administration, customer service, sales and IT. This is a platform where we are slowly migrating more tasks
- API– The new direction for our platform where we are currently migrating everything so that our internal sites uses a common point and also offer an external API for potential vendors.

Skills & Requirements:

Our systems are built using the following technologies and so you must be proficient in all of them:

• Experience in C# .Net development
• SQL Server development

If you feel this opportunity is not suitable for you and think of someone who may have an interest, kindly forward this job description to them. Take a moment to view our Web home: www.chacra.com for other career opportunities.

Please submit your resume to info@chacra.com referring to file number CVIT-F28.