14196 - iSeries-AS/400 Systems Administrator
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Date : 30.06.2015

Titre d'emploi :iSeries-AS/400 Systems Administrator
Mots clés :iSeries, AS/400

Catégorie d'emploi :
♦ Programmation [ AS/400, HP 3000, Vax ]
♦ Réseaux, exploitation, support [ Administration systèmes, Gestion de réseaux (LAN, WAN) ]

Adresse :625 President-Kennedy Avenue, Suite 1005
Lieu :Montréal, Québec, Canada
Expérience de travail :oui
Expérience de travail :2+ à 5 ans
Statut :permanent
Exigence salariale :(de l'heure) 
Longue description
This position is responsible for management, administration, and maintenance of all the IBM i systems. The successful candidate will be required to utilize industry standard tools to report performance statistics and pinpoint effects of new design elements for application optimization.

The product and services portfolio will include but not be limited to:

• Manage, administer, and maintain IBM i systems, including DR systems.
• Design new system implementations and incorporate new product offerings.
• Monitor enterprise-level Power systems to maintain performance levels within set constraints and react appropriately to situations
• Manage jobs and system messages
• Control job environment through adjustment of system resources and subsystems
• Perform backup and restore operations
• Manage system and user security
• Coordinate system activities with other to deliver optimum solutions for the business
• Keep service levels high
• Utilize performance management tools for IBM i and project future trending in order to recommend proper upgrade specifications

Job requirements:

• Experience administering enterprise-level IBM i Power systems.
• Basic understanding of 1 or more of …TCP/IP, Telnet, FTP, network sharing, DDM, HTTP, VPN, routing, switching, DNS, and digital certificates.
• Knowledge in areas of the AS/400 including 1 or more of the following: iSeries Security, Work Management, Capacity & Performance, Communication, BRMS, CL Programming, LPAR configuration, HMC configuration and utilization

** From time to time the employee will be required to work after hours and on weekends.

Those authorized to work in Canada are encouraged to apply. We are unable to sponsor at this time.

If you feel this opportunity is not suitable for you and think of someone who may have an interest, kindly forward this job description to them.

Please submit your resume to info@chacra.com referring to file number CVIT-S9101.