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Date : 01.09.2017

Titre d'emploi :Platform DevOps Monitor Expert
Mots clés :System Engineer, Linux, Unix, DevOps, Systems Engineer, Platform, Monitor, System Administrator,

Catégorie d'emploi :
♦ Réseaux, exploitation, support [ Administration systèmes, Unix, Linux ]

Lieu :Montréal, Québec, Canada
Expérience de travail :oui
Expérience de travail :7+ à 10 ans
Statut :contractuel
Exigence salariale :(de l'heure) 
Courte description
As a Platform DevOps Monitoring Expert, you will be responsible for engineering, automating, deploying and maintaining systems that will answer the needs of Cloud Services for the monitoring of infrastructure servers and application services, the collection of logs and the visualization of performance data.
Longue description
Your responsibilities:

• Automate using Ansible and/or Puppet the set-up for the following systems in the hybris data centers:
• the monitoring of customers servers and application services using iCinga
• the log collection system using Splunk and ELK
• the customers dashboards using Grafana/InfluxDB
• the application performance management (APM) with Dynatrace
• Develop automated solutions to ease the production deployment of the four systems mentioned above
• Deploy the four systems in several data centers located all around the world
• Maintain and optimize the four systems in production
• Extend existing tools by developing scripts/plugins to customize the solutions as needed by internal and external customers
• Tune performance, balance the load, plan for capacity and optimize for availability, scalability and user experience on the four systems
• Work with an agile team and participate to daily scrum
• Participate to sprint planning/review and deliver on selected JIRA tickets committed for a specific sprint
• Collaborate with other teams and across departments to answer their needs
• Support operations by participating in daily on-call rotation and automation efforts at a larger scale
• Provide technical documentation

Your qualifications:

• Bachelor degree in computer science or engineering, or equivalent combination of education and experience
• Minimum of 5 years of experience working in information technology
• Experience working in managed services or a cloud-based service provider.
• Work experience with monitoring systems based on nagios (Opsview), collectd, grafana, graphite
• Work experience with APM solutions such as dynaTrace, newRelic, AppDynamics
• Work experience with log collection systems such as splunk and ELK (ElasticSearch, LogStash, Kibana)
• Work experience with DevOps and system configuration and deployment automation technologies such as Chef, Puppet, Ansible.
• Strong Linux administration skills and hands-on programming experience.
• Strong scripting skills (sh, bash, sed, awk, ruby, perl, regular expressions)
• Understanding of eCommerce solutions based on Java and web technologies.
• Understanding of java applications using Tomcat.
• Understanding of Apache web servers and web protocols.
• Willingness to continuously learn new technologies and methodologies
• Strong documentation skills.
• Strong team-oriented interpersonal skills
• Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
• Strong written and verbal communication skills