15249 - DevOps Monitoring Operational Expert
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Date : 05.09.2017

Titre d'emploi :DevOps Monitoring Operational Expert
Mots clés :DevOps, Linux Administrator, Admin, Administration, Linux Administrator, System Administrator, System Engineer, Linux System Administrator, Platform, Monitor,

Catégorie d'emploi :
♦ Réseaux, exploitation, support [ Administration systèmes, Unix, Linux, Soutien technique, Support ]

Lieu :Montréal, Québec, Canada
Expérience de travail :oui
Expérience de travail :5+ à 7 ans
Statut :contractuel
Exigence salariale :55 CAD (de l'heure) 
Courte description
As a DevOps Monitoring Operational Expert, you will be responsible for setting up the monitoring tools for customers and maintaining the different monitoring solutions.

You will support the internal and external customers with answering to incidents, questions, and finding solutions to complex operational problems with the monitoring tools.
You will contribute to improving the automation of the different monitoring systems using Ansible, Puppet, Python and other technologies.

You will be integrated to a team of DevOps engineers and as part of Cloud Engineering Services, you will have abundant opportunities to demonstrate your abilities and learn new skills.
Longue description
Your responsibilities

• Setup the monitoring systems for customers based on Opsview, Splunk, Grafana/InfluxDB, Dynatrace.
• Support the operations by taking care of incidents and answer technical questions to internal and external customers.
• Improve the automation using Ansible, Puppet and Python of the existing monitoring automation tool if required.
• Maintain the systems in operations by performing upgrades and patching with the objective of zero disruption of the services.
• Optimize the monitoring systems to facilitate the operations.
• Implement the PCI recommendations on the systems if required.
• Extend existing systems by engineering and automating new features.
• Tune performance, balance the load, plan for capacity and optimize for availability, scalability and user experience on the different systems
• Collaborate with other teams and across departments to answer their needs
• Provide technical documentation

Your qualifications

• Bachelor degree in computer science or engineering, or equivalent combination of education and experience
• Minimum of 5 years of experience working in information technology
• Experience working in managed services or a cloud-based service provider.
• Work experience with DevOps and system configuration and deployment automation technologies such as Ansible, Puppet.
• Strong scripting and development skills in Python (knowledge of Perl)
• Work experience with monitoring systems based on nagios (Opsview), iCinga, collectd, grafana, InfluxDB, Splunk, ELK.
• Strong Linux administration skills and hands-on programming experience.
• Understanding of eCommerce solutions based on Java and web technologies.
• Understanding of java applications using Tomcat.
• Understanding of Apache web servers and web protocols.
• Willingness to continuously learn new technologies and methodologies
• Strong documentation skills.
• Strong team-oriented interpersonal skills
• Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
• Strong written and verbal communication skills