ATTENTION: During the relaunching period the job postings are free and unlimited!
Candidates Packages
To view the profile and CV of candidates who have applied on your job offers or who simply appear in our database, you need a candidate viewing package.
"Candidates" packages allow you to choose the number of candidates for which you may view the profile.
Candidates No.Unit PriceDiscountTotal PriceTotal Price tax incl.
Customized packages are also available: support@cvit.ca. 
  • Fees for access to the profile of candidates are based on the fact that a candidate consumes a single credit no matter how many times you view the same candidate.
  • Note that all candidates from the CvIT.ca database that you have already viewed before the coming into effect of the paid services may continue to be viewed for free.
  • Only candidates that you view for the first time consume a credit from your package.
  • There is no deadline to use your candidate viewing credits.
  • The payment is made through the CvIT.ca application via PayPal or credit card and the service is instantly activated upon confirmation of payment.
Promoting your postings
Many job offers are added every day by other employers, causing yours to come out further down in job search results.
If you want your posting to appear near the top of search results, you can promote it using the LIFT UP payable service.
Through this service, your posting will get displayed higher for best results (for a period of 15 days).

 PricePrice tax incl. 
Lift Up service for a posting50.0057.49 

The purchase is made through PayPal, credit card, by cheque or direct deposit. The service is instantly activated upon the purchase confirmation even if the payment is not received yet.

All prices are in canadians dollars (CAD) and the taxes are those for the province of Quebec and Canada.